Author, speaker and licensed belief therapist Jane Harber, writes and conducts seminars specializing in problems associated with the many different aspects of grief or depression.  She has three published books, all of which advocate positive change in life and relationships. In addition, Jane has written and conducts seminars on a behavioral management program for troubled teens. All of Jane’s work has as its foundation, the value and worth each person has as a living, breathing human being. Refreshing and uplifting, her work is filled with hope, and offers personal insight and practical suggestions that can help you overcome even the deepest of afflictions.

Overcoming grief & depression
Youth behavioral issues
Christianity one day at a time

AVAILABILITY: nationwide.

Merry Weatherbee

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A merry heart is good medicine and Merry Weatherbee is out to bring you a healthy dose! Through her witty, poetic observations, Merry discovers God’s mirth buried under loads of laundry, between couch cushions, inside a sack of potatoes, while plucking weeds, navigating garage sales, driving with your spouse, or even disguised as sour lemons! Merry is a woman for all seasons bringing merriment for all reasons, from Women’s Ministry events, MOPS groups, Business and Club meetings, Awards Banquets, Fundraisers, Volunteer Appreciations, to Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Retirement Center programs. Merry’s lighthearted and inspirational poetry cross gender and generational lines and provide plenty of chuckles and encouragement to leave your audience delighted and uplifted in Christ.

Let the merriment begin with a visit to:


Humorous/Inspirational/Practical Poetry: Slice-of-Life, Wacky Random Observations, Seasonal-Holidays, Motherhood, Marriage, Sisters in the ‘hood.

Customized poems also available to celebrate special event themes or honorees.

Nationwide, from Oklahoma City.

TV-Radio Interviews: Prearranged where most suitable.

R.W. Ley

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R. W. Ley, known as Robi to her friends and family, has over thirty years of writing experience, nearly five years of radio broadcast experience, and has participated in both amateur and professional stage productions. She has studied at Sam Houston State University and the University of Texas at Arlington.

She has published two books and many articles for newsletters and online magazines. She is a regular contributor to The Examiner’s Fort Worth edition.

Robi has been married to Scott since 1988. She has two sons of whom she is very proud. Her oldest, David is an active member of the Texas National Guard. Her youngest, Jay, is a student at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM and a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. She and Scott live in Alvarado, TX with their dogs, Callie and Gypsy.

          Everyone has boxes. They’re different sizes and shapes, and have different purposes. This presentation takes a look at some of the things people do with their boxes and how it can help or hinder their personal and spiritual growth. This program can be a ten-minute speech or a weekend seminar.

          Based on an old folk song, this motivational and inspirational speech is designed to help people see the need for giving of oneself before one can really appreciate getting anything.

          Aimed at fellow writers, this keynote speech addresses the need for writers to continue to hone their craft and strive for the most excellent work they can create. Using scriptural references and practical examples, Robi encourages not only writers, but all professionals to learn, learn and learn more about their chosen field and to excel in that field.


Debi Mason

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These are hard times for some. The economy is in the dumpster and as many of us grow older, the world seems to be more and more full of uncertainty. Dreams from times past have faded. Debi Mason, however, knows about these dreams. Dreams to write a best selling novel. Dreams to produce an award winning play. Dreams to be in business for self and finally become totally self-sufficient. Dreams are that childlike substance that have propelled Debi forward throughout the years despite the odds that said that she would never make it through the pain of sexual abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. In Arizona Clay she creatively uses prose, poetry and childhood memories to inspire her fellow ageing baby boomers, in particular, and everyone that has a dream in general. Dreams that were once yellowed like old photographs can be restored to their original vibrant color and texture. Arizona Clay is an example of a dream no longer deferred but a dream realized. Visit Debi at:

Inspirational and motivational: Motivating and inspiring everyone, including those that are on the verge of giving up, to discover or rediscover life’s purpose and their own passion.

Spiritual/Christian Faith: When all else fails understanding that answers to the whys and “how comes” are found through ever increasing faith and through prayer

Addictions: Relapse is not always an option. True and complete recovery is possible

Aging: These are some of the best years of life so why waste them? Understanding that getting older is not a curse but one of God’s greatest blessings.

Storytelling: Discovering the ins and outs of writing and telling life stories: getting to the point, telling the history of a people and a family, what makes a good memorable story and why it is important to preserve it. “Inspiring The Heart Through the Art of Story.”

Speaking: CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV
In Studio Interviews: CA
Radio Interviews: Phone

Ricky Roberts III

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Ricky Roberts III is an author, youth advocate, and motivational speaker whose mission in life is to encourage people to discover their true passions and pursue their dreams.  At the age of 17, Ricky had an epiphany, after being stabbed nine times.  From that point on, he has devoted his life to serving his higher purpose, stopped thinking of himself as a victim of a rough childhood, and started appreciating each an every moment, as the gift it is, in the amazing journey known as 'life.' 
Today, Ricky inspires through his writings, speaking engagements, volunteer work, and his interaction with others in his daily living.  He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be.  Ricky's latest book is Where Did the Gift Go?

Seeing the greatness/value in who you are.
Interviews nationwide by phone 

Bill Hanks

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Approximately half of our college students are binge drinking resulting in 30,000 emergency room visits and 1700 deaths per year due to alcohol poisoning or accidents as a result thereof. In addition, each day in the United States, nearly 16,000 kids under the age of sixteen take their first drink or illicit drug, resulting in 3,200 deaths each year.

Author, teacher, and speaker Bill Hanks is a recovering addict and alcoholic of fourteen years who provides Twelve-Step based support and teachings to those in need. In addition, he brings “awareness programs” to our young people (and their families) which prompted his motto: “I would rather deploy ‘prevention factors’ now versus ‘damage control’ later.”


Addictions and Recovery (Drug / Alcohol)
Twelve-Step Based “Damage Control” Program
Youth “Awareness” Programs (Prevention Factors)
Inspirational: God is Recovery


Speaking: Nationwide

In studio interviews to coincide with speaking engagements. Otherwise limited to OK, TX, KS, AR, CO or nationwide radio interviews by phone.

Richard Cox

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Are you seeking personal growth and development?  Are you looking for creative ways to find balance and harmony in your life?  As a published author, Richard A. Cox, Jr. of I, We, Us:  A Journey of Personal Growth and Development uses Biblical references and principles taken from his book to take you on a journey of self-discovery.  Richard's passion is to inspire youth, singles and married ministries to seek personal growth from within and to learn how to effectively relate and communicate with others.

Youth and Singles:  Get Yourself Together
Married Couples:  Fulfill your Role in the Relationship
Married Couples with Children:  Fulfill you Role in the Family Unit
Inspirational:  Three Keys to Maintain Personal Growth
Speaking: MD, DC,VA, DE, PA, NJ, NC
In Studio Interviews:  MD, DC, VA or radio interviews by phone